Scott Weingarten

Scott Weingarten born and raised in Brooklyn, New York USA.
Attended Art College for four years in New York City. I have a degree in both Fashion Illustration and Fine Arts. I have studied photography with a mentor for six years. Learning Photoshop and different photography techniques helped me to grow tremendously in my art career. I use my fine arts talent in my photography.

I have started to do studio work for about four years now. For this particular body of work I photographed models using
different techniques with various props chosen at random.

I have always been fascinated by photographing people and abstracting them in the most bizarre ways possible. This series shows the models somehow hidden behind objects and others with their candid thoughts.

I’ve looked inside my vivid imagination and felt their thoughts in an edgy supernatural world. My portraits show people in harmonious situations.

My photographs bring my inner thoughts back to life showing my youth through soulful creativity.

All inkjet photographs are hand printed and signed by the artist in limited editions.