Ricardo Trotti

Art and Journalism are an essential part of my life. They are tools that allow me to tell stories, create and discover. My work feeds on this duality, which shapes my motto: “Art as a message and message as art.”  

I am a self-taught artist. I was born in 1958 in San Francisco, Argentina. I work at my studio in Miami, where I’ve lived since 1993. My first experience with painting took place in Paris, when I lived with Gerardo, my brother, a well-known architect, scenographer and painter who now lives in Madrid.

I’ve always felt the need to create, but in reality art was accidental in my life. First I painted photos taken in my work as a photojournalist; then I started drawing doodles and used brushes. A little shy at first and then reaffirmed, art has become my greatest passion.


Anarchy of the Forms

My latest work has the influence of two powerful movements, Cubism and Literary Deconstruction, which gave the visual art and literature greater ease and daring. They gave me more freedom to play with shapes, break them down and build other realities that may seem chaotic, but recreating a new aesthetic.

“The public will find an honest work, very intimate, compulsive, in which I tried to break the anarchy of the forms, these contextual constraints and prejudices that do not always allow us to be free at all.” (From Ricardo Trotti. EFE News Agency, May 8, 2015.)