Maria Garces Luzuriaga

María Garcés Luzuriaga was in born in Rosario, Argentina. She graduated from National University at Rosario with a dual degree in Visual Arts and Art Education. Her career began at a young age, working in art institutes with children, and in art museums in her hometown. After getting married, María and her family moved to and lived in many different countries before finally settling in South Florida in 2002. Since then she has opened her own art studio where she teaches young children and adults.

Her latest works include abstract acrylic paintings inspired by the time she lived in Panama where she discovered what it means to be surrounded by saturated colors and massive vegetation - she discovered the Caribbean. María incorporates her findings in her work by using contrasts of pure colors, mixing them directly on the canvas to reflect the harmony between colors and her own emotions.


Color is the key to my work, color is my means of expressing and communicating all my emotions.
My art is a timeless art, where everything is born from my perceptions and personal experiences. Everything inside me flows spontaneously, creating peaceful backwaters as well as storms of thunderous contrasts.
It is through color that I create tension and ambiguous and unpredictable spaces where simplicity and complexity are juxtaposed, creating paintings that are vibrant, provocative, sensual and feminine.

The brush strokes mix colors directly on the canvas, resulting in a unique and spontaneous palette. This is how my perceptions and emotions are forever captured in my paintings.

Evil Inside