Eduardo Rubin

Eduardo Rubin has more than 20 years of experience in Marketing & Advertising, working for companies in US and Latin America. He is an accomplished Creative Director with meaningful experience in group-facilitation. In 2002 Eduardo moved with his family to South Florida, USA, and soon after he started to find in the photographic composition a new professional stage, looking for precise moments to capture ideas and feelings with a peculiar artistic expression.

He published in 2011 the first book of his series “The City Voyeur – Barcelona”, published by Sol90, a project that led him to visit more and more cities in the World. The book is available on

His photographs are poignant and sensitive, capturing a wide variety of moods and emotions across a varied range of subject matter. Rubin’s incredible use of composition and contrast, taken together with his deep-seated sensitivity (and an occasional hint of playfulness and humor), makes his work stand out. He is drawn to unplanned photographs, to unexpected and undisguised scenes. Rubin seeks to capture the truth, the bare essence – of people, of cities, of emotions. He stands back, unnoticed, and allows moments to present themselves to him. The photographer explains, “If you are in the shadows and they are in light, you are invisible. And this is the secret, being invisible and catching the moment.”

He has exhibited his artwork in

Agora Gallery New York.Sensorial Realms. Dec 2012/Jan 2013

Agora Gallery New York. The Manifestation of Milieu. Jun 2013

Red Dot Fair Miami during Art Basel Miami. Dec 2013

Quimera del Arte Buenos Aires. Ausencias, Pasiones y otros Pecados. Apr/May 2014

Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong during Art Basel Hong Kong. May 2014

Sociedad Hebraica Argentina Buenos Aires. Ausencias, Pasiones y otros Pecados. Jun 2014

Art Center Miami. Oct 2014

Red Dot Fair Miami during Art Basel Miami. Dec 2014

His Profile and Artwork has been published in “BAMag” “Art is Spectrum” and “Art Tour International”.


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Evil Inside