Claudio Roncoli


Claudio was born in Buenos Aires, 1971. He is a Professor of Drawing and Painting graduated from the National School of Fine Arts "Prilidiano Pueyrredón" (1995). He attended to Andrea Moccio and Miguel Lescano’s workshops in Argentina and Peru.

By his own definition, he is primarily an interventionist.

Claudio Roncoli is inspired by images that were part of a popular culture during the 50, 60 and 70, which then the artist redefines. In his latest creations, he incorporates elements of advertising, cartoon, graphic design and collage, weaving them with resources such as imaging or re-photograph. Using a special technique and without abandoning his wry humor and scathing, through what he calls the "constant balance of life", the juxtaposition of images and bright colors, he makes the viewers move to a "brave new world".

Actually he is working in the new serie “Balance”, returning to the classic acrylic on canvas technique. He works with the balance we all look forward, between heaven and earth, material and spiritual, creativity and ordinary life.

He has had numerous group and solo exhibitions, locally and internationally, and has participated in Scope Miami, ArteBA, Just Mad MIA, ArtBo, KIAF, Houston Art Fair, SWAB, and various cultural centers and museums.


In 2015 Roncoli is named official artist for the 16th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards™.  Brands like Hermes, Absolut, Samsung, Nestlé and Levi's trusted Claudio’s creativity to embellish their brands.