Alegra Norris



My name is Allegra Yvonne Gia. Born and raised in Philadelphia, I am a self taught painter, painting primarily in acrylic and oil paint. I began painting as early as 5 years old, and started developing my work at age 16. It wasn’t until I was of adult age when I finally thought of art as being a potential career path.  

I studied Design & Technology at Parsons the New School for Design for my freshman and sophomore year. I later transferred to Temple University to study film, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Arts. I would consider my work to be of the postmodern and pop art genre.

My artwork takes a spin on pop culture and Hollywood icons by transforming them into bold, colorful, textured pieces. I like the idea of taking things or ideas that already exists and transfiguring it into my own vision. I layer my paintings with striking colors and underpainting techniques that show through when looking at them closely. Each piece takes on an experience when seeing them in person.